Baan Makham, Bang Nampheung A country resort in outer Bangkok situated on the Bangkrachao river bend, an area known as the “green lung of Bangkok”.

Baan Makham, Bang Nampheung
  • A country resort in outer Bangkok situated on the Bangkrachao river bend, an area known as the “green lung of Bangkok”.
  • Retreat to a sanctuary where you can truly appreciate the meaning of “rest” amidst lush tropical surrounding.
  • Be surprised to discover such greenery so close to the city.
Baan Makham is built on an old orchard in order to preserve the old landscape of this property, the buildings are elevated above ground which is now used for growing vegetables.

Our first priority in designing Baan Makham is to blend in with nature. We started our business on the frontage of the land with a café that opens only on weekends. After one year of serving coffee and light meals we have added only 6 bungalow-style houses on a parcel of land that is over one acre. This is because we want clients staying at Baan Makham to experience the old feeling of this community. We have built the 6 houses without cutting down the exiting trees and plants even the vegetable and fruit beds have been left untouched. 

Khun Prakij Kanha and Khun Santi Aramwibul from StudioMiti have created a design that blends in with Baan Makham’s old surrounding. The houses are elevated above the vegetable beds mixing the design of a steel derived from truck chassis with a square shape of wooden space that can be rotated for an extension of house if needed. 

The use of the rectangular truck chassis steel frame is support the elongated house plan while the chassis structure stands on the vegetable beds. The floor, walls and columns are made of hardwood. The floor plan is made up of rectangles which can easily be added or adjusted to suit each type of house. Rooms sized can be doubled with the use of 2 chasses. Each house has its own verandah for clients to sit and unwind to the relaxed ambience.

The roofs are made of flat galvanized iron sheets which are simple but blend nicely with the nature.

This concept allows us to build a resort without having to alter the existing landscape of the community. By using wood as the main material of the houses on this property, the houses blend in harmoniously with the surrounding as well as creating a cozy feeling for the people staying in them.

The boardwalks connecting all the houses on the property are made of wood, again with the aim to blend in with nature. 

The interior of each house is decorated minimally and organically to allow the natural surroundings to be highlighted without sacrificing all the comfort of staying in a luxury hotel. The floor plan flows from the sitting to the sleeping area then the bathroom and the dressing area. As in a traditional Thai house, the sleeping area is a raised floor with simple but comfortable mattress. Even though the rooms are minimally decorated but all the basic amenities like TV, refrigerators, air-cons, hair-dryers, chairs, suitcase stands and reading lights are carefully placed to provide convenience without appearing cramped. When windows are opened air flows freely with a slow breeze coming through all day. 

Baan Makham is a place where you can feel that living with nature is possible if we make it all with a simple thoughtful approach to surrounding nature.
Bang Nampheung Community is part of Bangkrachao, a green area surrounded almost entirely by the Chao Phraya River resembling the shape of a pork stomach, hence, the name Bangkrachao. This lush vegetation is dubbed the “green lung of Bangkok” and was named the “Best Urban Oasis of Asia” by Time Asia in 2006.

Because Bang Nampheung Community is surrounded by Chao Phraya River near the mouth of the Gulf of Thailand thus the part of land that is close to the river is wetland while the inner land is rich in vegetation. Small walkways wide enough for walking and bicycles are the only means of travel within the community so it is far from the noise and pollution from cars.
In the old days most people in the community made a living by growing fruits like oranges, pomelos and mangos, a handful of orchards can still be seen today.

Most of our neighbors are private houses belong to the natives of Bang Krachao. Some open their residences for homestay accommodation while some still preserve the traditional way of life by making and selling incenses, handcraft goods, herbal balls for massage and herbal soaps.
Recommended Activities 
• Cycling – Bang Krachao is well known as one of Bangkok’s best places for cycling both for amateur and semi-professional cyclists alike. From Baan Makham one can cycle all the way to Sri Nakorn Kuen Khan Park which is a park famous for bird watching.
• Siamese Betta Fish (Fighting Fish) Gallery – The only one of its kind in the world with a wide variety of live betta fish on display.  
• Herbal Incense Village – Learn how to make traditional Thai herbal incense at Baan Thupe. 
• Tie-Dye – At the Incense Village you can also learn how dye materials using the tie-dye technique.
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